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Eight attorneys apply for SCJD judgeship vacancy Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Eight attorneys have applied to be considered for appointment to the South Central Judicial District judgeship vacancy that will be created by the retirement of Judge Gail Hagerty.

They are:

Jessica J. Binder (Stanton)

Justin D. Hager (Bismarck)

Michael T. Mahoney (Bismarck)

Micheal A. Mulloy (Bismarck)

Paul H. Myerchin (Bismarck)

Matthew A. Sagsveen (Bismarck)

Bonnie L. Storbakken (Bismarck)

Bobbi Brown Weiler (Bismarck)

Judge Hagerty, who is presiding judge of the SCJD, announced that she will retire effective March 16.  She served as a Burleigh County Judge from 1987-1994 and was first elected as an SCJD judge in 1994.