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Judge Agotness formally takes bench in NEJD Monday, July 26, 2021

Judge Donovan Foughty presided over the investiture of Judge Kari M. Agotness on July 23, 2021 at the Cavalier County courthouse in Langdon.

Chief Justice Jon Jensen welcomed Judge Agotness to the bench.

Leslie Bakken Oliver, general counsel for Governor Doug Burgum, brought greetings from the governor.

Judge Agotness' children helped her put on her new judicial robe.

Judge Agotness was sworn in by Northeast Judicial District Judge Barb Whelan.

South Central Judicial District Judge Doug Bahr, president of the State Bar Association of North Dakota, presented a gavel on behalf of SBAND.

Judge Agotness spoke at the ceremony about her path to the bench.

All five North Dakota Supreme Court justices, Northeast Judicial District judges, Unit 1 staff, retired judges, members of the public as well as members of the Lake Region Bar Association and Northeast Corner Bar Association attended the event.    

Judge Agotness and the members of the North Dakota Supreme Court.

Photos courtesy of Kelly Hutton