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Applicants pursue NECJD, ECJD judicial opportunities Wednesday, June 7, 2023

The Judicial Nominating Committee has received applications from eight candidates for the new Northeast Central Judicial District judgeship and 13 candidates for the two new East Central Judicial District judgeships.

The openings were created due to the passage and enactment of HB 1002.

The following eight lawyers have submitted an application for the NECJD:

William J. Brotherton (Argyle, TX)
Megan Jo Kvasager Essig (East Grand Forks, MN)
Blake D. Hankey (Harwood)
Jacey L. Johnston (Grand Forks)
Carmell F. Mattison (East Grand Forks, MN)
David N. Ogren (Grand Forks)
Darla J. Schuman (Grand Forks)
Kristi Pettit Venhuizen (Grand Forks)

The following 13 lawyers have submitted an application for the ECJD:

Alisha L. Ankers (Argusville)
Trent N. Barkus (West Fargo)
William J. Brotherton (Argyle, TX)
Cherie L. Clark (Jamestown)
Scott O. Diamond (Fargo)
Daniel Gast (Fargo)
Tracy A. Gompf (Fargo)
Blake D. Hankey (Harwood)
Stephanie R. Hayden (West Fargo)
Katherine Naumann (Fargo)
Jenny M. Samarzja (Horace)
Leah J. Viste (Fargo)
Ryan J. Younggren (Fargo)

The Judicial Nominating Committee will conduct interviews of these twenty-one candidates. Upon completion of interviews, the Judicial Nominating Committee will forward candidates for each judgeship to Governor Burgum.