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Conservatorship of Adults & Minor Children

What is a Conservatorship?

A conservatorship is a court process where a North Dakota state district court judge or judicial referee decides whether an individual is unable to manage their property or financial affairs (or both) to the point where a conservator must be appointed to take either limited or full control.

The court process involves presenting evidence to a North Dakota state district court judge or judicial referee to show that the requirements of North Dakota Century Code Chapter 30.1-29 are met and a conservator should be appointed. Other parties in the conservatorship case, including the adult or minor child, may present their own evidence.

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Requests Related to Attending Conservatorship Hearings

Before a North Dakota state district court can appoint a conservator, at least one court hearing is required. After a conservator is appointed, more court hearings may be necessary, depending on the requirements of each individual conservatorship.

Generally, the conservator, or conservators, and the person subject to the conservatorship are all required to attend conservatorship hearings in person at the courthouse.

However, the conservator, or the person requesting to become the conservator, may use the following form sets to ask to have the hearing held by reliable electronic means instead of in person, to have any of the parties attend the hearing remotely, to hold the in person hearing somewhere other than the courthouse, or to allow the person subject to the conservatorship to not attend the hearing at all.

Establish Conservatorship of a Minor Child Because Under 18 Years Old

This form set may be used when a minor child has property or financial affairs (or both) that the child can’t manage on their own only because the child is under 18 years old. Read the instructions before filling out any forms.

Conservatorship Reports

Conservatorship 5-year Reviews

Transfer Guardianship/Conservatorship

General-Use Checklists and Forms

Forms aren’t available for every legal issue, circumstance, or procedure in conservatorship cases.  If you don’t find a form on this webpage, the form isn’t available through the North Dakota Legal Self Help Center.

If a form isn’t available and you need to create your own legal documents, you may find the following general-use checklists and forms useful as a starting point.

Service Instructions and Forms

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