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ND Supreme Court

  • Court adopts amendments to Rules of Appellate Procedure effective March 1

    Lawyers should be prepared for significant changes in appeal procedure effective March 1, 2019, due to rule amendments recently adopted by the Supreme Court. The new procedures will apply to all cases in which the Notice of Appeal is filed after March 1. Attorneys who plan to commence appeals after March 1 should review the rule amendments carefully.
  • Justice Jensen visits Woodrow Wilson High School

    On Jan. 23, Justice Jon J. Jensen visited Woodrow Wilson High School in Fargo at the invitation of social studies teachers Elizabeth Hazeldine and Breanne Blomquist. Justice Jensen spoke about the North Dakota judicial system to classes of new Americans and high school students.
  • 2019 State of the Judiciary Address

    The North Dakota Court System should be a well-balanced, dynamic and highly functioning system that is able to continuously improve and adjust to meet challenges in all economic conditions. We must operate to treat every individual, in every part of the state, with respect and to ensure that all of our cases move through the court system in a thoughtful and timely manner.