Search Tips

To request a Certificate of Standing and/or Certificate of Disciplinary History, e-mail with the following in the body of your e-mail (using your own contact information, of course):

  1. Name
  2. N.D. Bar I.D. Number
  3. Indicate if you want the certificate(s) emailed or mailed.
  4. Complete mailing address or e-mail address where the original certificate(s) should be sent
    • The address must be the attorney’s address absent written permission of the attorney
    • If you are sending the certificates to an admissions authority, verify with the authority if the certificates should go directly to it or to you.  This will avoid duplication and delay due to the certificate(s) being sent incorrectly.
  5. Indicate if you need just a Certificate of Good Standing or whether a Certificate of Disciplinary History is also needed.  

There is no fee for the certificate(s).

Certificates are done approximately once per week.