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  • State Supreme Court clerk retiring after 31 years

    Bismarck Tribune: "The woman who is just the fourth clerk of the North Dakota Supreme Court is retiring at the end of the year. Penny Miller took the position July 1, 1992, and has seen the office and the state's court system through many changes."
  • Justice Jensen elected Chief

    Ballots were counted Dec. 12 in the election for Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. Justice Jon J. Jensen was chosen to replace Chief Justice Gerald VandeWalle commencing Jan. 1, 2020.
  • Lawyer licenses expire Dec. 31

    The State Board of Law Examiners reminds lawyers that 2019 licenses to practice law in North Dakota expire Dec. 31 regardless of when the 2019 license fee was paid. Lawyers should watch their mail for the 2020 billing in the coming weeks and promptly pay the fee by check or money order.
  • Second vote set in Chief Justice election

    Ballots in the election for Chief Justice were opened Nov. 25. Because no candidate received a majority of the votes cast, there will be a second vote between Justice Jon Jensen and Justice Lisa Fair McEvers.
  • Pro hac vice fee payments due Jan. 1

    Under Rule 3, Admission to Practice rules, lawyers who continue to appear in 2020 in a North Dakota proceeding for which they have already filed a motion for pro hac vice admission are required to pay a fee of $380 by January 1, 2020.
  • Justices, judges volunteer at Banquet

    The Supreme Court justices, district court judges, judicial referees, municipal judges, and a federal judge hosted the Banquet on Nov. 5. The Banquet is a free community dinner served at Trinity Lutheran and hosted by community groups. Here are the photos.