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Other Public Offices

1. Alfred Wallin County Attorney, Nicollet and
Redwood Counties, Minnesota
2. Newton C. Young Pembina County State's Attorney
3. David Morgan Clerk of Court, Sauk County, Wis.
Ramsey County State's Attorney
District Judge, 2nd District
4. John M. Cochrane Probate Judge, Grand Forks Co.
State's Attorney, Grand Forks Co.
5. Edward Engerud State's Attorney for Ransom and
Cass Counties, North Dakota
Assistant United States Attorney
6. John Knauf Stutsman County Judge
7. Charles Fisk Grand Forks City Attorney
Assistant United States Attorney
District Judge, 1st District
State Guaranty Fund Commission
8. Burleigh F. Spalding Member of Capitol Commission
Member of ND Constitutional Convention
United States House of Representatives
9. John Carmody Mayor of Hillsboro
Hillsboro City Attorney
Traill County State's Attorney
Assistant United States Attorney
Assistant Attorney General
10. Evan B. Goss Bottineau County State's Attorney
District Judge, 8th District
11. Edward T. Burke Barnes County State's Attorney
District Judge, 5th District
Department of Justice, Special Investigator
12. Adolph M. Christianson McHenry County State's Attorney
13. Luther E. Birdzell First ND Tax Commissioner
Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. Counsel
14. James Robinson District Attorney, Trempleau County, Wisconsin
15. Harrison A. Bronson State Senator
Assistant Attorney General
16. William Nuessle McLean County State's Attorney
District Judge, 4th & 6th Districts
17. Sveinbjorn Johnson Attorney General
18. John Burke Rolette County Judge
State Representative
Treasurer of the United States
19. Alexander Burr Bottineau County State's Attorney
District Judge, 9th District
20. George Moellring District Judge, 5th District
Assistant Attorney General
21. James Morris Carrington City Attorney
Foster County State's Attorney
Assistant Attorney General
Attorney General
Judge for the War Crimes Trial in Germany
Supreme Court Commissioner
22. P. O. Sathre Steele County State's Attorney
State Representative
State Senator
Assistant United States Attorney
First Assistant Attorney General
Attorney General
23. Thomas J. Burke Assistant Attorney General
State Representative
24. Gudmunder Grimson Cavalier County State's Attorney
Special Assistant Attorney General for Florida
District Judge, 2nd District
25. Nels Johnson McHenry County State's Attorney
Attorney General
26. Obert C. Teigen Ramsey County State's Attorney
F.B.I. Agent
District Judge, 2nd District
27. Alvin C. Strutz Attorney General
28. Ralph J. Erickstad Devils Lake Police Magistrate
Ramsey County State's Attorney
State Senator
Surrogate Judge
29. Harvey B. Knudson State Representative
State Senator
30. William S. Murray State Representative
Assistant Attorney General
Special Asst. Attorney General
31. William Paulson Barnes County State's Attorney
Surrogate Judge
32. Robert Vogel McLean County State's Attorney
United States Attorney
33. J. Philip Johnson Cass County Assistant State's Attorney
34. Paul M. Sand Assistant Staff Judge Advocate of the U.S. Berlin District
Served on War Crimes Commission
Assistant Attorney General
First Assistant Attorney General
35. Vernon R. Pederson Minot City Justice
Price Stabilization-Special Agent
Special Assistant Attorney General
Surrogate Judge
36. Gerald W. VandeWalle Special Assistant Attorney General
First Assistant Attorney General
37. H. F. Gierke III Trial Judge, Courts-Martial in the Republic of Vietnam
Military Judge
McKenzie County State's Attorney
Watford City Attorney
Judge, U.S. Court of Military Appeals
38. Herbert L. Meschke State Representative
State Senator
39. William A. Neumann District Judge, Northeast Judicial District
40. Dale V. Sandstrom Assistant Attorney General
Securities Commissioner
Public Service Commissioner
41. Lisa K. Fair McEvers Assistant State's Attorney
Labor Commissioner
District Judge, East Central Judicial District
42. Jerod Tufte Kidder County State's Attorney
Sheridan County State's Attorney
Legal Counsel to Governor
District Judge, Southeast Judicial District
43. Jon J. Jensen District Judge, Northeast Central Judicial District
44. Douglas A. Bahr Assistant Attorney General
Solicitor General and Director of the Civil Litigation Division
District Judge, South Central Judicial District